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Welcome to my sales journal. |D; I'm just a poor college student needing extra money at hand. Please buy from me. @w@ I will love you foreverrr. :'D ♥
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

- WILL ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE UNITED STATES (Contiguous 48 states only) I do NOT ship internationally. Don't even bother asking if I'll make exceptions, I've encountered transactions in the past which left a distaste for me to sell outside of the United States. :|


- All shipping and handling fees will be calculated into the total when the initial e-mail is sent. Shipping is free on orders over $25.

- Payment must be received within 24 hours after the initial e-mail is sent.

- Will ship within 3-4 business days after payment is received.

- Shop photos are securely packaged in a security envelope with a cardboard.
- CDs are securely packaged in extra bubble wrap within a bubble wrap envelope (unless I run out of supplies please be patient til' my next trip to the supply store @w@!)

- Feel free to combine ordering items from multiple categories. They will be likely shipped in a larger, secure bubble wrap envelope with extra bubble wrap. (Yes...I love my bubble wrap. :'D!)

- I will NOT hold any items for anyone. First come first serve!

- Lastly, I am not liable for any harm done to the products during shipping (bends, curls, cracks, etc.) Basically all transactions and sales are FINAL! I will not accept any returns and/or exchanges.